Group Training Monthly Event (Only)- Recurring Payment

$100.00 / month




This option can be chosen for participation in one group event (2 hours) per month. Activity options vary based on location, availability, and interest.

What is Group Training/ Group Events? 

Group Transition Training is designed as an interactive approach to the improvement of individual skills in a natural setting. Members are carefully matched with those who have similar interests and goals to ensure a clear pathway towards success and relationship establishment.

Group events are organized within the community or within the main offices. Event choices change monthly,  and there are always a variety to choose from.

Available activities include various team-building opportunities such as participation in escape rooms, bowling/billiards, paint nights, cooking lessons, gaming events, company tours, parties, and even community festivals. These events serve as a way for our network of members to join together, get to know each other, and have fun while they focus on generalizing their learned skills. Virtual events are available for those who can not access in-person activities. 

If you decide not to attend any of the available events for the month, refunds can not be given, but makeup hours can be arranged for the following month.

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