Frequently Asked Questions


Is this program right for me?

To be an appropriate candidate for the California Autism Network, members must be between the ages of 14-17 to join our adolescent program, and at least 18 years of age to participate in the adult program. The client themselves must have the desire to participate in the training and activities provided, and the motivation to improve in their skills. They will be expected to treat the members of the network with respect and support, and must not have a recent history of physical or emotional aggression. In addition, clients should be prepared to be addressed as a responsible individual, and should be willing to communicate directly with staff and peers to the best of their ability.  Although the California Autism Network will gladly communicate with parents or caretakers, this program is designed to foster independence, confidence, and responsibility.

How much does it cost?

The initial appointment/assessment fee is $250 (which also covers your first month of services). Following the initial appointment, a personalized report will be provided containing the recommendations for services, as well as price-specific options and packages. Monthly packages range between $250-$350 per month depending on desired services.

If you are a member of the Inland Regional Center, you may qualify to receive services at no cost to you! Provide your coordinator with California Autism Network’s vendor number (PJ5358).

What is the difference between the group skills training program and socialization activities?

The group skills training program is an intensive classroom environment training designed to focus on a step-by-step and interactive approach to the improvement of individual skill goals in a generalized setting. Team members are carefully matched with those who have similar interests and goals to ensure a clear pathway towards success and relationship establishment.

Socialization activities are scheduled events for all members of the California Autism Network. These events include organized activities within the community (bowling, movies, restaurants, hiking, sporting events) where our network of members can join together to get to know each other and just have fun! These events will usually be scheduled once a month, and are included in any package provided.

Where is California Autism Network located?

California Autism Network is located in Menifee, California, and offers in-person training for all residents within Riverside County. Online training options are available for those who are outside of the designated service areas.

Where are 1:1 services provided?

We come to you! For our younger members (under 18), a transition specialist will come directly to your home to work on individualized training and goals. A community setting, virtual, or center-based meeting is also an option, however a guardian above the age of 18 must be present.

For our adult members, a meeting outside of the home is encouraged. Since this service is designed to foster independence for our young adults, we encourage participants to come out of their comfort zone and participate in a professional “meeting” as an independent adult, even if it’s just a five-minute walk or bike ride away from home. Depending on plan specific goals, a transition specialist will meet participants at their college campus, place of employment, or even their nearest coffee shop or library. Virtual meeting options are also popular and convenient. It is preferred that our clients have their own cell phone, or frequently checked email address, so that the precedent of self-management is set from the very beginning.