Our Process

*California Autism Network offers in-person and virtual options for training

Step One

Initial Phone/ Zoom Consultation (Free)

Step Two

Application/ Document Review (Free)

  • Review of application and necessary documentation
  • Scheduling and paperwork preparation for initial appointment and interview

Step Three

Initial Assessment and Report

* Price applies to first month of services if enrolled

  • Client interview & assessment
  • Documentation review (current IEP, Psychological Report)
  • Individualized goal development
  • Personalized Baseline and Pathway Report
  • Plan discussion and organization
  • Participation in one 2 hour group event

Step Four

Scheduled Participation in Weekly/Monthly Plan

  • 1:1 in-person, 1:1 virtual, and/or group training with Autism / Transition Specialist targeting individualized needs and goals
  • Real-life skill practice opportunities
  • Invitation to all scheduled adult socialization activities
  • Access to all available resources specific to client needs
  • Access to a network of available agencies and beneficial supports
  • Access to the California Autism Network online support center