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Transition from an adolescent to adult involves pursuing educational goals, finding and succeeding in meaningful employment, becoming self-sufficient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and independently building personal and professional relationships. Appropriate training, access to information, and developmental support during this transitional time are critical for success.

Aside from experiencing barriers towards personal and professional success, many individuals diagnosed with autism havenโ€™t experienced the opportunity to form relationships with people that they identify with. Numerous studies within the past decade have concluded that a large majority of teens and adults diagnosed with autism experience depression and feelings of isolation. Many explain that their ultimate goal in life is to feel like they “belong”. They want to experience meaningful relationships, have the ability to carry on conversations, and to possess the skills necessary to represent themselves confidently or professionally. They want to be viewed as self-sufficient, intelligent, and fully-capable.

The California Autism Network was designed not only to provide communication and transition training, but to create a network of people who support and understand each other. We are here to ensure that individuals with autism receive the support they need to succeed not only as a professional, but as a person seeking a full and satisfying life.

Every person belongs somewhere, and every person has something great to offer this world.